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Historical Play on Nader Shah

Historical Play on Nader ShahHistorical Play on Nader Shah

The play ‘Two Narrations on Nader Shah’, written by Kheirollah Taqianipour and directed by Javad Nouri, is now on stage at Sangelaj Theatre Hall in Tehran, after its performance in the 17th Traditional and Ritual Theatre Festival (August 23-September 1).

It is based on two different narrations of the penultimate days of Nader Shah’s sovereignty. Nader was a member of the Turkic Afshar tribe of northern Persia that provided military power to the Safavids (the most significant ruling dynasty of Persia from 1501 to 1722).

He ruled as the king of Persia (1736–1747) and was one of the most powerful rulers in Iran’s history. His numerous campaigns created a great empire that encompassed a vast area from the coast of the Black Sea to borders of India.

The play, a comedy, unravels with a number of Nader’s guards deciding to murder him, when several songsters enter the scene and change the flow of events, ISNA reports.

“One narrative is given by the generals and courtiers of the shah and the other by the public about his life and government,” the director said.

The shah was known for being suspicious and cruel and these traits grew as he got older. The consequence was that revolt after revolt against him occurred. In the end he was assassinated by his own troops.

“We tried to bring the story close to modern society to help the audience connect better,” Nouri said. Historical plays need great research and “we had to fully study traditions and social behavior of the Afshar tribe.”

Produced by ‘Neghab’ (literally veil) Theatre Group, Nouri said the performance “is spiced up with classic-traditional music.”

Javad Pourzand, Vahid Nafar, Mahlaqa Baqeri, Saman Darabi, Kheirollah Taqianipour, Elaheh Shahparast and Soheila Javadi are among the cast.

It will run through October 14, at Sangelaj Theatre Hall on Behest St., next to  Park Shahr (City Park), downtown Tehran.