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Fight for Ownership in ‘Accusation’

Fight for Ownership in ‘Accusation’Fight for Ownership in ‘Accusation’

Mohammad Khodaverdi, young theatre director, is staging the comedy ‘Accusation’, produced by ‘Mardom’ (literally people) Theatre Group, at Entezami House Museum.

Translated by acclaimed Iranian author, translator and head of the theatre group, Daryoush Moadabian, the play, originally titled ‘L’accusation’, is a work by François Teyssandier, French playwright, based on absurd literature, narrating the story of three men and a bench, Pershianews reports.

Social issues, daily routine and life’s expectations are among the elements of the story, whose plot reveals the characters’ efforts to maintain “their ownership over a symbolic park bench.”

Written in 1977, although the play has a simple plot, it has an underlying message. The story begins with a man sitting on a park bench when a second man appears. He asks the first man to make space for him to sit. The former tries to keep his space and avoids getting to know the newcomer.

A third character appears asking if he too can rest on the bench, but the two men unite against him. They start accusing him to the extent that he acknowledges robbery and a murder.

Navid Jahanzadeh, Saeid Aliakbari and Mohammad Hosseinali, veteran theatre actors are in the cast.

‘Accusation’ is underway through September 22 at the museum, on Ahmadi St., Kaveh Bldv., Andarzgoo Ave., Tehran.