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Baran Theatre Tour

Baran Theatre TourBaran Theatre Tour

Baran Theatre Company will stage plays in different cities, including Kashan and Isfahan.

The company is on a tour, staging plays performed in Tehran, like ‘The Same as Always’ written by Rima Raminfar, Mehr News Agency reported.

Khayyam Vaqar-Kashani, head of the company said several other plays are under production.

‘The Same as Always’, the company’s 5th production, is on stage at Mah Theatre Hall, Mehr Cultural Center, Kashan till September 27.

Shows produced and staged in Tehran, will be performed in other cities “to make suburban theatre artists familiar with the higher quality of performances” in the national capital.

Raminfar’s play will also go on stage in Isfahan. The cast includes Saeed Khosravi, Hossein Tabasi and Yasaman Nasiri.

Raminfar, 45, is a well-known TV and cinema actress. She has acted in ‘A Cube of Sugar’ (2011), ‘13’ (2014) and ‘Tales’ (2014).