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Painting Exhibition in Karaj

Painting Exhibition in KarajPainting Exhibition in Karaj

A group painting exhibition, ‘The Time You Immerse in Gazing’, curated by Bita Aliabadi is on display at Tree Art Gallery in Karaj.

The collection includes abstract works of art from women artists in different styles, Honaronline reports.

Oil and acrylic paintings are presented in figurative and symbolic style, portraying the artists’ feelings while creating the works. From among the 30 artworks sent to the gallery, 13 were selected for display, said Aliabadi.

“Painting, like other branches of visual arts, can be thematized or customized. The present collection features the emotions and attitude of artists to life.”

Differences between women and men’s perspectives are clearly distinguishable in the works, as is seen in the collection.

Women’s concerns in contemporary society are another focus of the works. “Artists were asked to show their true self. The paintings are self-portraits of creators, which cover a vast spectrum of feelings. The show title is a general insight into life.”

Mina Baqeri, Mozhgan Javidan, Maryam Kermani, Nazli Hosseini, Minoosh Haqiqi, Mina Sangargir and Mehrangiz Mehrazar are among the artists.

The show is underway through September 30 at Tree Art Gallery, Kourosh complex, Golha Sq., Jahanshahr neighborhood, Karaj, Alborz Province.