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Iranian Sculptor’s Bullet Shell Installation in Tunis

Iranian Sculptor’s Bullet Shell Installation in TunisIranian Sculptor’s Bullet Shell Installation in Tunis

An installation by Iranian ceramist and sculptor Abbas Akbari was showcased at the 5th International Art Ceramic Symposium, in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia.

Following an invitation from the symposium, Akbari presented his latest installation which reflects the insecure atmosphere in the countries of the region, ISNA reported.

Tunisia has a rich cultural heritage in Carthage and Tunis is known for its Roman archaeological sites and valuable artworks in museums such as Bardo National Museum. Unfortunately, since the Tunisian Revolution in 2011 and due to the spurt in terrorist attacks, visitors to the sites have considerably reduced because of insecurity.

Akbari’s installation of bullets and locked shells “is a symbol of putting an end to terrorist attacks and maintaining peace in the region.”

The installation was welcomed by visitors who can still observe bullet marks on the windows of the Bardo Museum. He also held workshops on his latest research on Islamic ceramics which is soon to be published.

Akbari, 44, holds a Ph.D. in research in arts from the University of Tehran. He is a faculty member of architecture and arts school at the University of Kashan.

His works have been showcased in 20 solo and group exhibitions in Iran, Kuwait and France.

He has also attended 10 international festivals and symposiums in Turkey, Pakistan, Croatia, Switzerland, Dominican Republic, France and Argentina and awarded in four.

He has published more than 16 articles in different journals and authored five books.