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Actor Rashidi to Be Honored

Actor Rashidi to Be HonoredActor Rashidi to Be Honored

Celebrated Iranian theatre and TV actor Davood Rashidi will be honored at the closing ceremony of the 4th Theatre City Festival, (Sept. 17-24) at City Theatre Hall.

Rashidi, 82, is an acclaimed actor, director, translator and theatre and cinema teacher. He is the founder of the ‘Today’ Theatre Group and among the pioneers of modern theatre in Iran, playing an influential role in the post-Islamic Revolution era.

His first film after years of acting on stage was ‘Escape from the Trap’ (1971). He has worked in over 130 films as director, producer and actor.

The festival public relations office said three previous editions of the event honored veteran cinema artists Ali Nasirian, Esmaeil Khalaj and Hossein Moheb-Ahari, Honaronline reported

Well-known artist Davood Daneshvar will also be felicitated for his long time scientific and educational activities and role in Iranian theatre.

Daneshvar, 64, writer, director, actor and translator, is educated in theatre. He is also a researcher and translator of plays. He has directed the play ‘They Too Arise’ by Arthur Miller, prolific American playwright and essayist. The play was staged in 2013.

The festival comprises eight sections and is organized by the Art and Cultural Organization of Tehran Municipality.