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WW II Stories in ‘Window’

WW II Stories in ‘Window’WW II Stories in ‘Window’

The play ‘Window,’ written by Sepideh Eidi and directed by Neda Shahrokhi was recently staged at Fanoos theatre hall.

The story is a different perspective of World War II and its consequences in Iran, from the viewpoint of middle class and common people, who were the most vulnerable, Honaronline reports.

It unravels over three nights with each portraying war situations in the cities of Bandar-e Anzali, Bandar Abbas and Tehran respectively, Shahrokhi said.

“The play was performed in several rooms of the three-story building of Fanoos hall creating different frameworks for the audience as is usual in environmental theatre.”

At the end of the show, the audience had to note down what they saw, providing a collection of different narrations of history.

The concept of environmental theatre is defined as constructing different audience frameworks for each production. The sets are usually based on multilevel platforms, balconies, ramps, and scaffolds surrounding a stage that encroaches the audience’s territory, providing a wider range of space for the actors and a greater flexibility of interaction between the audience and performers.

However, Shahrokhi said, “This style of theatre in Iran doesn’t actually observe the principles of environmental theatre.”

The cast included Bahar Beihaqi, Ava Tadayon, Arefeh Sadeq Mohammadi, Ra’na Qaderi and Anahita Hooshan.