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Paintings from Hand Palm to Canvas

Paintings from Hand Palm to CanvasPaintings from Hand Palm to Canvas

Sareban Gallery will display unique art works of Kiyumars Ghourchiyan from October 17 to 27.

Speaking to Mehr News Agency, the artist said among the collection of 30 paintings selected for display, 25 are new and the remaining “are my previous less seen works.”

Ghourchiyan spoke of his ‘novel view’ in the series and stated “I want the audience to travel with me to the realms I visit every day.”

As to how the figures have taken shape in his paintings, he explained: “Abstract paintings are improvised creations, so are the figures in them. The figures include both human and other forms and represent concepts such as plurality and unity. I do not define my works but allow the forms and figures to define themselves.”

  Figurative Painting

The painter pointed to the growth of figurative painting among younger painters and added that an abstract painting may be a little difficult for the audience to grasp “but when it contains a form or a figure, it boosts the connection as it gives a rather tangible aspect to an absolute abstract work.” It creates a balance between two worlds, of within and without, in the mind.

The artist who has created all the paintings with a technique unique to himself elaborated: “There is a texture to some of my works created with the palm of my hand. It has its own characteristics. I, first, create the textures with my palm on the canvas and then work on it with more colors and forms.”

The impression created “by my palm is unique to every painting and cannot be repeated,” he stressed.

Ghourchian was born in 1953 and is a graduate of Faculty of Fine Arts in painting, Tehran University. He has held over 50 individual domestic exhibitions, 6 outside the country, and more than 60 group painting exhibitions.

 New Style

Ehsanollah Mohammadi, member of the International Association of Brain Researchers, commenting on Ghourchiyan art works said: “In the third millennium, the mind of the artist is boggled with new visual statements from the three worlds of physics, metaphysics, and quantum physics.”

Ghourchiyan is the founder of a new style called Metanaqum. It is based on the integration of images from “these three worlds and creating a new image using the divine conscience of human beings.”

The exhibition is open from 4:00 to 8:00 pm at the gallery at No. 8, Mehmandust Alley, Sabunchi (Mahnaz) St., Dr. Beheshti Ave., Tehran. The gallery is closed on Tuesdays.