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New ‘Art and Culture’ Book for 9th Graders

New ‘Art and Culture’ Book for 9th GradersNew ‘Art and Culture’ Book for 9th Graders

A newly published ‘Art and Culture’ book will be added to the 9th elementary grade curriculum from the beginning of the new academic year (starts September 23).

The book comprises five chapters, each covering a branch of art namely visual, traditional, musical, performing and calligraphic, IRNA quoted Minoo Ayatollahi, head of Art Office at the Curriculum Development Center, as saying.

Visual arts chapter includes two parts (graphic and photography) and students may make a choice according to their aptitude and availability of school equipment. The traditional arts chapter includes geometric design, needlework and Zirlaki painting (a traditional Iranian style).

The book elicits students’ interest in the arts in practical ways, said Ayatollahi.

“Students are expected to ask questions and get involved in outdoor educational activities to draw their interest in field work and make them familiar with a wide gamut of culture and art.”

The new approach contributes to wise choices by pupils based on their skills, interest and academic abilities. “The book is replete with illustrations of masterpieces by renowned artists, cultural heritage and ancient and contemporary works of art.”

The book tries to introduce nature in art and presents different aesthetic dimensions of nature, creating “a link between God’s beautiful creations and the cultural and artistic works inspired as a result,” Ayatollahi said.

‘Visual arts’ is an obligatory chapter for all grades of elementary school. Further, geometric design, calligraphy, music and performing arts are compulsory for 9th elementary grade pupils.