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Pallet Band on US Concert Tour

Pallet Band on US Concert Tour Pallet Band on US Concert Tour

Iranian music band ‘Pallett’ launched its new international concert tour in the US on September 11.

During the three-day performance, the popular band held four concerts in three American cities, Honaronline reported.

The group went on stage in Portland, Oregon, on September 11 and on the following two days had performances in San Francisco and Los Angeles, California. The tickets for the shows were completely sold out.

Bandleader and clarinetist Rouzbeh Esfandarmaz, said they performed pieces from their two albums ‘Mr. Violet’ (2012) and ‘Tehran, Smile’ (2015).

“Our aim is to reach audiences outside our borders so that both expatriate Iranians and non-Iranians can get to know our music,” Esfandarmaz said.

He said due to lack of publicity and the negative image created about Iran in the West, “our music is not well-known abroad. On our European tour, many were surprised at a concert by an Iranian band and would ask if there was music in Iran.”

In such an atmosphere, musicians should give wide publicity to Persian music to the non-Iranian audience, he said.

Pallet has held many concerts in Iran and in France, Germany, Sweden, Italy and the Netherlands.

Established in 2012, the band has been successful in fusion genre, combining traditional Iranian music with modern western elements and instruments. They use classic poetry or modern poems relating to contemporary social issues.

 War Memories

One of Pallett’s most popular songs ‘A Thousand Tales’ is infused with imagery of soldiers and revolutionaries, evoking memories of the 1980-88 Iraq-Iran war. “The brother is covered with blood, the brother will rise, like the sun into a house,” the song goes.

The band’s musical style is a refreshing alternative to the common pop music. The group’s first album ‘Mr. Violet’ was a big hit, selling over 60,000 copies locally. The ensemble uses western instruments clarinet, cello, guitar and double bass while making use of Persian traditional singing in their tracks.

Pallett collaborated in the globally acclaimed movie ‘Fish and Cat’, composing and singing the soundtrack for the film in 2014.

Vocalist Omid Nemati, cellist Mahyar Tahmasebi, guitarist Kaveh Salehi, double-bass player Dariush Azar and drummer Amin Taheri are accompanying Esfandarmaz during the US tour which will perform in 10 more cities and wrap up in Washington DC on October 4.

The upcoming concerts will be held in Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston, Atlanta, New York, Pittsburgh, Washington DC and Fort Lauderdale. Tickets for four concerts are already sold out.