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Foreign Sculptors to Attend Tehran Symposium

Foreign Sculptors to Attend Tehran SymposiumForeign Sculptors to Attend Tehran Symposium

Sculptors from 13 countries will attend the 7th Tehran International Sculpture Symposium, slated for September 23.

“Preparations for the symposium such as providing material and space are going on along with selection and registration process of the visitors,” Seyed Mojtaba Mousavi, event secretary was quoted as saying by Honaronline.

Over 14 artists from Russia, Belarus, Albania, Portugal, Italy, Serbia, Taiwan, South Korea, Germany and Peru in addition to local sculptors will participate. “The symposium is an opportunity for different styles of sculpture,” said Mousavi.

Unlike the earlier editions, the upcoming competition will have stone and metal as sculpting materials.

Travertine, a form of limestone deposited by mineral springs, especially hot springs, has been chosen although artists are less willing to work on the material, despite many precious travertine stone works and highly skilled artists in Iran.

“The decision was made to have travertine as a sculpting material,” he said.

Further, some artists are willing to work with metal, “so this year’s edition will have the two materials.”

Separate workshops will be arranged for each material. Over 98 sculptors, 63 local and 35 foreign have registered for the metal workshop, and 176 artists for the stone category.  A total of 315 sculptures have been sent to the exhibition secretariat.

Like the earlier editions, Tehran’s Milad Tower will be the venue for the event.