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First Satirical Website Opens

First Satirical Website OpensFirst Satirical Website Opens

The first Iranian satirical website ‘Chizna’ administered by Bozorgmehr Hosseinpour, editor-in-chief, has opened.

Well-known satirists and journalists Peyman Ghasemkhani, Mehrab Ghasemkhani, Amir-Mehdi Jule, Hadi Heydari, Pouria Alemi, Aidin Sayarsari’, Shahab Jafarnejad, Reza Saki, Amir Vafaei and Parisa Shams are contributors on the website, Mehr News Agency reported.

Chizna focuses on social and cultural issues “in an aloof manner,” Hosseinpour said.

The content is presented through different artistic styles, from animations to audio clips. A separate section for comedy video clips will also be opened soon.

The website is independent and not affiliated to any political and government organization, although “they might be a subject for satire.”

He hoped ‘Chizna’ would become popular “as the Persian comic strip and satirical online network.”

Hosseinpour, 39, is an Iranian cartoonist and art director. He holds a bachelor of paintings degree from Azad University of Tehran. A cartoonist and caricaturist since 1990, he has worked for Persian magazines ‘Golagha’ ‘Sorush-e Nojavan,’ ‘Roshd-e Nojavan’, ‘Chelcheragh’ and ‘Kayhan Caricature’, newspapers ‘Zan’ and  ‘Aftabgardan’.

He was awarded the 1st and 2nd prizes at the Urban Press Exhibition in 1996 and 2006 respectively, and 3rd prize at the ‘Dialogue among Civilizations’ international cartoon exhibition, Iran (2003).

Hosseinpour also won prizes for the best animated short film in the urban satirical exhibition (2006) and was adjudged the best cartoonist of the year (2007). Besides, the special prize at the visual art festival of China (2007) and the 1st prize at the international cartoon biennial of Tehran in portrait section (2007) were conferred on him.