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Culture Ministry Not Swayed by Media Nor MPs

Culture Ministry Not Swayed by Media Nor MPs Culture Ministry Not Swayed by Media Nor MPs

The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance “is neither under media pressure nor under the influence of MPs,” asserted Culture Minister Ali Jannati, on Thursday.

Addressing a ceremony organized by Iran Cinema Organization on the eve of the National Day of Cinema, at Sa’dabad Palace in northern Tehran and attended by a huge number of cineastes, Jannati said, “I am open to any amount of fair criticism and will help address problems, but some charges against the ministry are unjust since we contemplate action [on issues] based on legal framework and rules.”

Congratulating the cinema industry, he said following an agreement with the Mostazafan Foundation (for the oppressed and disabled), the establishment of 100 cinema halls across the country is on the agenda, to help develop the cinema sector and encourage more people to see domestic productions.  

Reopening cinema halls left unused for many years was among the steps taken during the past two years by the ministry, he said quoted by ISNA.

Through frequent meetings with private banks and entrepreneurs, “I have tried to attract support and attention to investment in the field of culture,” Jannati said.

A cultural entity with the assistance of business people and big companies to support film productions has been planned. In the coming month, there will be another meeting to further discuss such cooperation between the Iran Cinema Organization and those interested in investing on cultural issues, especially cinema, he added.

Managing director of the House of Cinema Reza Mir-Karimi pointed to the role of culture and said, “Most of the confusion today is caused by our historic failure in the field of culture.”

If the role of culture is not taken seriously, “we can’t expect the Culture Ministry to undertake major infrastructural revamping and I hope we all arrive at a consensus on this (cultural) role,” Mir-Karimi said.

Establishing the ‘art and experience’ cinematic group to show experimental, documentary, and short films, is one of the achievements of the organization, he said. The group which started screening films last year also observed its first anniversary at the end of the event.