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Iran Presence in Book Fair Hailed

Iran Presence in Book  Fair HailedIran Presence in Book  Fair Hailed

In a meeting with Iran’s cultural attaché in Serbia, the director in chief of Belgrade international book fair said “the deep roots of Iranian culture and civilization are prominent all across the globe and the influence of Iran’s rich culture, ethics, and knowledge is undeniable.”     

Mirina Lokich was optimistic about a suggestion from Mahmood Shalooee that Iran be the ‘Guest of Honor’ for the book fair in 2015. “It would be an honor,” IRNA quoted her as saying.

She said Iran’s consistent and active presence in Serbia and specifically at the book fair is admirable. The several publications which have been translated into Serbian are significant, she added.

Another country has also expressed hope to be awarded the honor, however, “we will consider Iran’s request seriously,” she said.

Lokich expressed readiness for further cooperation with Iran.

 Active Participant

Shalooee emphasized that Iran’s rich culture and ancient civilization have been effective in international cultural realms throughout history. “The Islamic Republic has actively participated in several cultural and artistic events and in doing so has aroused much global interest.”

He added that throughout history, Iran has been home to several noteworthy scientists, literary figure, and poets and many significant scientific and literary works have been penned. “Iran has therefore always been an icon in the realm of culture and knowledge.”

The Tehran International Book Fair is one of the most important cultural events. Every year numerous publishers from Iran and several other countries get a valuable opportunity to showcase their newest works, he noted.

“The number of visitors also encompasses a wide section of the global society, making the Tehran book fair one of the most important of its kind,” Shalooee said.

He further said more than 100 books have been translated into Serbian so far. “We have always thought it essential to actively participate in the Belgrade book fair and to present our newest publications.”

After the Frankfurt International Book Fair, the Belgrade book expo is the second most important in Europe. The 59th International Belgrade Book Fair will open on October 26, 2015.

China is this year’s Guest of Honor.