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Children’s Charity Exhibition

Children’s Charity ExhibitionChildren’s Charity Exhibition

Tehran’s Milad Tower was host to a three-day exhibition by ‘Dasthaye-Mehraban’ Charity Foundation, September 2-4, where 120 children under the guardianship of the foundation showcased their paintings.

The hall was decorated with hundreds of paintings portraying children’s dreams and desires, as seen in their works where parents, big beautiful houses, containers full of fruit and stylish cars, were conspicuous.

Artist children greeted visitors at the exhibition and explained the meaning and purpose of their paintings. The event was also attended by well-known actors Hamidreza Pegah and Niusha Zeighami, said the public relations office the foundation.

Handmade dolls by charity workers were on sale. The exhibition saw a total sale of 622 paintings and 1,000 handmade dolls.

Zeighami said, “I am so impressed with the children and their works. The paintings are creations of innocent feelings and pure emotions of kids expressing their heartfelt desires.”

The foundation had earlier organized exhibitions in Tabriz, Shiraz, Isfahan and Karaj.

The charity was established in 2007 to focus on protecting and empowering women, and children without guardians or with negligent parents. It aims to help remove deprivation by assisting the needy.

The foundation has over 3,100 orphaned children under its care and has helped lift 200 families from poverty.

Constructing a clinic, providing facilities for marriages, giving educational grants and loans for self-employment, creating job opportunities, and sheltering the vulnerable and disabled, are among activities of the foundation.