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Armenia to Stage Iranian Performances

Armenia to Stage Iranian PerformancesArmenia to Stage Iranian Performances

Armenian theatre halls will soon stage plays directed and performed by Iranian artists.

Iranian theatre will be introduced to the international stage, Behzad Sediqi, head of the Association of Playwrights of Iranian Theater Forum (ITF), was quoted as saying by Honaronline.

At the first conference of the ITF and the Writers Union of Armenia, a memorandum of understanding was signed, by which works by playwrights from both sides would be translated into Persian and Armenian, analyzed and criticized, and published.

Among the 12 published works, four will be produced as plays and arranged for performance in the both the countries, Sediqi said.

He also said he is working on a play by Karine Khodikyan. “I hope we will stage joint plays by Iran and Armenia in other neighboring countries.”

Armenians have agreed to collaborate with Iranian theatre directors to promote joint performances from the second half of the current year.

The international committee of the ITF set up in 2008 aims to introduce Iranian dramatic literature globally, “with focus on Persian speaking and neighboring countries.”