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Local Games’ Designers on the Rise

Local Games’ Designers on the RiseLocal Games’ Designers on the Rise

The closing ceremony of the 4th Tehran Games Festival was held at Milad Tower on Monday with the announcement of winners for the best designers of videogames in seven categories of mobile, PC, action, strategy, platform, adventure and online games.

Addressing the audience, Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Ali Jannati said a bright future awaits the local game developers, IRIBnews reported.

Pointing to the high quality of the videogames, he said although it is a newly emerging industry in the country, “it has great potential and some of the games can be exported.”

Among the hundreds of games received by the secretariat since the festival was announced four months ago, 89 games qualified to compete in different categories. Out of the final games presented by 68 individuals and companies, the festival jury selected 5 winners to receive the Golden Gazelle prize.

The best action-adventure game award went to ‘Butterfly, Legacy of the Light’s Guardians’. ‘Extraterrestrial Armies’ got the prize for the best action game. ‘Gamecock’ was named the best mobile game of the year. ‘My Football Club’ won the award for the best online strategic game. ‘Squad’ also received the best sound technology award.

‘Butterfly’ is a PC action-adventure game with a fantasy looking style. ‘Extraterrestrial Armies’ is a science-fiction first person shooter game for PC. And ‘Gamecock’ is an online action game designed for android-operated cell-phones.

The entries focused on national and historical themes and game developers did their best to integrate an exciting story with traditional elements and display it in modern style to attract fans.

The annual festival seeks to promote Iranian Islamic culture through videogames, especially among children and young adults. Getting to know and supporting national talent to empower local products, and creating a competitive atmosphere in the fields of science, technology, culture and art are also among other goals of the program.