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Talent Competition

Talent CompetitionTalent Competition

The second edition of the talent competition, arranged by the website ‘Aparat’, is slated for September 12.

Applicants can submit a video performance of one of the skills set for the competition, including acting, traditional and pop singing, sports and wired talents, ILNA reported.

 The event aims to provide opportunities to display skills and talents of gifted youth.

The video clips will be judged by Kamal Tabrizi, expert in acting, Hesame-din Seraj, skilled in traditional singing, Mazdak Mirzaei, sports professional, Reza Rashidpur, for unique talents, and Roozbeh Nematollahi, specialist in pop singing.

Winners will be awarded prizes.

Last year’s edition of the event judged over 3000 clips. Applicants competed in comedy, sports, singing and acting categories.

Those interested can visit the website: for information.