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Austria to Host Iranian Music Band

Austria to Host Iranian Music BandAustria to Host Iranian Music Band

Iranian music band ‘Esfahan Naghmeh’ will take part in the Austrian Folk Music Festival this fall.

Traditional and Mughami music (one of the many folk musical compositions from Azarbaijan), by Iranian expert musicians, will be introduced at the event, IRNA reported.

The band is scheduled to stage a concert in Vienna along with 18 other countries, said its director Masoud Ehtemam.

Western countries have warmly welcomed Iran’s presence at the event, he added. ‘Esfahan Naghmeh’ will bring the historical Isfahan city in the spotlight by introducing local music to the audience.

The music group comprises experienced and elite musicians and has more than 20 years experience in the field. It renders songs in Kurdi, Lori, Azari, Gilaki and Mazandarani dialects.

The group received the gold medal in the Bulgarian music festival in 2014 as well as nine diplomas of honor, golden plaques and special awards.

It has also performed in the UAE, Qatar, Turkey, South Africa, Morocco, Sweden, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Armenia and Bulgaria.

Ehtemam (director and Santur player), Behnam Ghazi (Kamancheh player), Omid Babakpour (Tar player), Masoud Goli (Tombak (goblet drum) player), Ebrahim Rezai (Daf player), Mohammad Shojaei (Ney player) and Mohammadreza Hamdami (vocalist) form the group.