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Persian Puppet Show in Moscow

Persian Puppet Show in MoscowPersian Puppet Show in Moscow

Iranian puppetry show ‘Mubarak’, directed by Hossein Rabiee, will be staged on September 1 at the Puppet Theatre Festival of Moscow, during the Russian Culture Week.

Mubarak, the main puppet character will introduce Iranian tradition and perform ancient local games ‘Haft Sang’ ( Seven Stones), also known as ‘Lagori’ and  ‘Lei Lei’ (Hopscotch) in a satirical atmosphere.

The 3-member group includes Rabiee, as the main puppeteer and director, a supporting performer to create a connection between the show and the audience, and a Kamancheh (Iranian bowed string instrument) player.  

Rabiee runs the main puppetry troupe in Iran, which has successfully competed at different festivals in over 15 countries.

Winning the 1st place at the International Puppet Festival of Croatia two years ago, he has drawn global attention to Iranian string puppet show. “I’m able to manipulate 12 hand puppets simultaneously, which makes my shows unique.”

Rabiee has a master’s degree in theatre. He is also a writer and professional puppeteer and has participated in Students’ Puppetry Festival (1994, 1996), International Traditional and Ritual Theatre Festival (1999-2009), Fajr International Theatre Festival (1996, 1998, 2002, 2010) and Puppet Theatre Festival (1994, 1998, 2001).

Mubarak’s 40-minutes show will have five performances on September 1.