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Abadi’s ‘Final Step’ After 10 Years

Abadi’s ‘Final Step’ After 10 YearsAbadi’s ‘Final Step’ After 10 Years

Renowned Iranian actor Ebrahim Abadi is staging his play, ‘Final Step,’ marking the return of the actor to stage after a 10-year hiatus.

The play narrates the story of a person, desiring union with his god (his beloved). He is not able to achieve the goal, leaving the audience to ponder over the reason, reports.

“The story is not as simple as it seems. Numerous spiritual steps should be passed by the peripatetic and sometimes he finds what he seeks”. When his students ask him what he understood in the revelation, Abadi says he is unable to express his feelings.

Es’haq Nofar, Hossein Nasri, Atefeh Hagh-Shenas and Ali Aghazadeh are cast for the show.

Abadi believes that theatre needs action, mise en scène and emotional contact. “One has to love acting to be able to act.”

He said he will stage the play in other cities like Qom, Mashhad, Zanjan and Tabriz, which welcome religious performances. “Theatre can move a world, when it makes the viewer ponder even for a short while.”

Born in Tabriz, Abadi, 72, is an acclaimed theater and cinema actor. He is known for ‘Camphor’s Smell, Jasmin’s Perfume’ (2000), ‘Fair Smell of Life’ (1994) and ‘The Station’ (1987). He has also directed and acted in ‘12 Black Chairs’, ‘Swindler’, and other plays.

A work by Helia theatre group, the play will be staged until September 22 at Totmaj Theatre Hall, No 34, Yazdan Niaz alley, North Bahar St.  Taleghani Ave., Tehran.