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ACO Has Big Plans in Cultural Arena

ACO Has Big Plans in Cultural ArenaACO Has Big Plans in Cultural Arena

The Art and Cultural Organization (ACO) of Tehran Municipality has been allocated a $45.5 million budget to achieve its goals in different cultural fields, Mahmoud Salahi, head of the organization, said at a press conference recently.

The organization is interacting with relevant government institutions and NGOs, because “no institute can realize the objectives by itself,” Salahi said, elaborating on the future plans of the ACO, Honaronline reported.

The Urban Film Festival (UFF) will now be held annually, alongside the famed Fajr International Film Festival. The ACO will provide financial support for production of three movies and 10 documentary videos annually, to participate in the FIFF,” Salehi added.

The fifth international UFF was held in May this year after a four-year hiatus. Attended by Iranian and foreign filmmakers, it saw the entry of over 2,300 works, including 300 from abroad, indicating the enthusiasm of both artists and enthusiasts, he noted.

Music-training sessions which were earlier banned had been reopened at eight cultural centers. Seven more cultural houses will hold different music classes by the end of the current year (March 20, 2016). In addition, a part of the expenses will be paid by the ACO “to help those who are interested in attending music classes.”

As poetry and literature are significant in Iranian culture, a poetry club was opened at the ACO and Moshfegh Kashani, prominent figure of revolutionary and ritual poetry, was revered at the event.


The management of over 290 libraries in other sectors of the TM will be assigned to the ACO for integrated policy implementation. “Districts in need of libraries will be identified and measures taken to establish them.”  

Salahi said artists and literati will attend the Moscow International Book Fair (slated for September 2–6), as special guests, during Iran’s art and literature week. Among the programs are a traditional Persian music performance, directed by Keyvan Saket, and a show by Raga group, directed by Hossein Rabiee.

Further, ‘naqqali’ (ancient Iranian story telling), caricature exhibitions and literature sessions, supported by ACO, are also scheduled, and acclaimed Iranian and Russian Iranologists will be honored.