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‘Fabulous’ Exhibit on Female Empowerment

‘Fabulous’ Exhibit on Female Empowerment‘Fabulous’ Exhibit on Female Empowerment

A group exhibition titled ‘Fabulous,’ featuring the works of 10 artists will open at the New York branch of Shirin Art Gallery on September 17.

‘Fabulous’ is an exhibition that explores “all definitions and implications of the term within the context of female empowerment.” It uses the term to describe the aesthetic and conceptual elements of each artist’s work.

The word ‘fabulous’ has a variety of meanings: formally, it means extraordinary or phenomenal. As a derivation of Latin, Middle English, and French, it means mythical, unreal, or celebrated in fable. A contemporary colloquial version of ‘fabulous’ seems to imply beauty, style, or flair. Pop-culturally it is a term associated with flamboyance to the point of over exaggeration.

Ten artists from different backgrounds and age groups have depicted “fabulous aspects of women power” in their works via different styles and methods.

The event will run till October 13 at the gallery, said an email to Financial Tribune.