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National Rally for Peace in Support of Nuclear Deal

National Rally for Peace in Support of Nuclear DealNational Rally for Peace in Support of Nuclear Deal

The ‘Pro-Peace Artists’ movement has planned a peace rally, in two phases: national and international.

In a letter to the government, the movement which started its activity by launching the ‘Sign of Peace,’ appealed for its support. The public rally will be organized by artists and athletes.

Art is “one of the most influential tools for attracting cooperation and sponsorship,” the letter said, and the campaign on the ‘National Rally for Peace’ will be held in collaboration with the Touring and Automobile Club of Iran, Khordad news website reported.

Comprising national and international phases, the former (Tehran-Tonekabon City in Mazandaran Province) is slated for early September and the latter (Tehran-Paris) is scheduled for late September.

Iranian art and culture is the slogan and the event will be attended by over 40 acclaimed artists and athletes as messengers of peace and friendship.

Naser Shafagh, film producer, Amir Jafari, cinema and TV actor, Farhad Fakhreddini, renowned composer, conductor and founder of Iran’s National Orchestra, and Reza Kianian, actor are among the well-known faces who have joined the movement.

It is the first such public movement and aims to express national unity on domestic and international issues and to counter the ‘Stop Iran Rally’ in the US, the latest campaign by the pro-Jewish lobby against the historic July 14 nuclear accord between Iran and the P5+1.

 Universal Peace

Additionally, the ‘Come to Iran’ club will also start operations to showcase Iran’s advancements as well as its rich civilization and culture.

The objectives of the club are to introduce national scientific, technological and commercial potential to Iranian expatriates and European investors, create investment opportunities, promote Iran’s art economy to help encourage non-oil exports including handicrafts and cultural artworks as the symbols of Iranian identity, and introduce Iran as an ancient country with a long history of promoting universal peace.

The opening ceremony for the rally will be held at Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport and rallyists will pass through Karaj, Marzanabad, Kelardasht, Abbasabad, Nashtarud, Khorramabad and  Chaldareh. It will end in Tonekabon.

The international rally will start from Tehran and pass through Tabriz, Istanbul, Bucharest, Belgrade, Vienna, Stuttgart, Geneva and Paris.

The ‘Pro-Peace Artists’ campaign was initiated on May 15 and will run through September 21, named the Day of Peace.