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Narrative Musical Performance of Great Persian Poets

Narrative Musical Performance of Great Persian PoetsNarrative Musical Performance of Great Persian Poets

Tehran’s Vahdat Hall was host to the musical performance ‘Tahmures and Us’ on Monday (August 24).

In his latest concert Tahmoures Pournazeri and his orchestra staged stories of great Persian poets in a new form of narrative performances, Mehr News Agency reported.

Besides composing the musical pieces, Tahmoures had also arranged the design of the stage in an artistic way. Making use of a modern platform in performing traditional music, he and his team provided the audience with a different experience of a live concert.  

The concert included six acts, and the poems in each were selected from renowned Persian poets Mawlana (Rumi), Abu-Saeed Abolkhayr and Siavash Kasrai.

With the help of lighting by theater designer Reza Heydari, and art director Reza Mousavi, who has several years of experience in the field of photography and musical and theatrical works, the concert was “more than just playing musical pieces.”

 Theatre, Music Mix

The whole show, accompanied by an artistic design in setting and lighting, and performances by theater actors, if not unique, was among the few attempts in recent years to mix the two fields of theater and music.

The stage design changed for each act to complement the theme of the narration performed both by the musicians and the actors. Sama dancing, from Sufi ceremonies credited to Mawlana, was also included in parts of the performance.

The ensemble was a combination of eastern and western instruments like percussion, violin, piano, cello, bass guitar, double bass, duduk, clarinet, sorna (Persian woodwind instrument) and tar, dotar, setar and tanbur (all Iranian string instruments from the lute family).

Classical vocalist Hamidreza Nourbakhsh, Davoud Ganjei, violin and kamanche (knee fiddle) player and Keikhosro Pournazeri, tanbur player were in the ensemble.

Tahmoures, 38, is a multi-instrumentalist traditional musician. He is a member of the well-known Shams Ensemble established in 1989, along with his father Keikhosro and brother Sohrab.