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2 Theatre Complexes Open in Sept.

2 Theatre Complexes Open in Sept.2 Theatre Complexes Open in Sept.

The new Khavaran Theatre Complex, will officially be inaugurated in the first week of September.

Covering an area of 210,000 sq m, the complex can accommodate over 1000 people in the main hall. It also has four 150-seat halls, an amphitheatre and a puppet show hall that can seat 120 visitors per performance. In addition, 3,500 sq m of space is allocated to traditional and ethnic performances, Honaronline reports.

Many areas in the field of art, particularly infrastructure, need renovation. Performing arts are currently short of venues, so the new halls will partially bridge the gap, said Mahmoud Salahi, head of Tehran Municipality’s Art and Cultural Organization.

On the $45.5 million budget allocated to the organization to promote art, he said “We hope to develop theatre and cinema to an extent that Tehran will stage over 100 shows per day, as do Paris and Moscow.”

The complex located in south Tehran (district 15) provides the neighborhood with a variety of cultural facilities like theatre and cinema halls, library, educational classes, exhibition halls, sports centers, besides coffee shops and a shopping center.

Its architecture is inspired by Iranian traditional art.

Floors, ceilings, windows and doors are decorated with Iranian-Islamic motifs. The center was designed and built in 18 months, mostly by young people, including a specialist engineering crew comprising former combatants of the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war.

The complex also has the capacity to host international festivals. It is expected that with the official opening of Khavaran, culture and art will receive an impetus in the city’s southern part.

Another facility ‘Saba Theater Complex’ will also open soon in Shariati Street. The facility will be more suitable for traditional and ethnic plays.

Salahi said children’s theatre is rather neglected and “we should seriously focus on this shortcoming. I’m willing to take the responsibility of children’s theater on priority.”