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Russian Band’s Feat in the Sky

Russian Band’s Feat in the SkyRussian Band’s Feat in the Sky

Four musicians from Siberia have overcome their fear of heights, strained their voices to shout down the wind and as a result recorded a breathtaking video clip of them performing a song while paragliding.

The Street Fiddlers, a band from the city of Novosibirsk, celebrated Russian Air Fleet Day by rising into the sky on a paraglider and performing the famous Soviet aviators’ march, called ‘Higher and Higher and Higher’. The musicians went up into the sky in turns, played their part and created the video clip, RT reported.

“The video is dedicated to all those addicted to the sky,” they wrote on their official webpage on Russia’s social network Vkontakte.

However, only four of the five members of the band - two guitarists, a violinist and a drummer made it to the sky. The fifth one could not cope with his fear and did not take part in the video filming.

Aleksandr Orlov, a well-known Russian paraglider, assisted the band with recording the music video at a height of 650 meters. He accompanied each of the musicians into the sky and played the role of a cameraman with one camera attached to his helmet and another in his hand on a selfie stick.

Overcoming fear of heights was not the only challenge. Another difficulty faced was the exceptionally strong wind. The violinist couldn’t hold the bow and so she eventually had to have it tied to her hand.

Blasts of wind did not help the band members either. The sounds of their voices and instruments were drowned out by the wind and after shooting, the recording had to be cleared of background noise. It took a while to complete, but the Street Fiddlers have made it very clear that they were happy with the final result.