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Veteran Historian, Journalist Tolouee Passes Away

Veteran Historian, Journalist Tolouee Passes AwayVeteran Historian, Journalist Tolouee Passes Away

Veteran author, historian and journalist Mahmoud Tolouee passed away at the age of 85 in an accident on Thursday (August 20) in Tehran.

Ali Dehbashi, a journalist friend, said: “Tolouee was hit by a motorcycle while crossing Africa Boulevard in north Tehran on Thursday night. He was seriously injured and passed away soon after in Shohada Hospital in Tajrish Square.”

Tolouee spent many years writing historical works and contemporary historiography of the Pahlavi era, IBNA reported.

Pahlavi dynasty which ruled Iran from 1925 until 1979, was founded by Reza Shah, and succeeded by his son, Mohammad-Reza Shah.

Tolouee edited the popular magazine ‘Khandaniha’ (Reading Materials) for years and has left many works behind, particularly in the field of contemporary Iranian history and the Pahlavi era, including ‘Mosaddeq, Facing History’, ‘Woman in Power’, ‘Father and Son; Untold Stories of the Pahlavi Era’ and ‘From Tsar to Shah’.

Tolouee was born in Mianeh, in East Azarbaijan Province. After elementary school in his hometown, he moved to Tehran to attend Dar-ul-Funun, the first modern institution of higher learning in Iran. He graduated from the University of Tehran in French literature.

He was proficient in English and French and was also familiar with Arabic and Turkish. Besides publishing several articles in magazines, he has written 20 books and translated two on historical issues.