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Honoring the Best in Theatre

Honoring the Best in Theatre Honoring the Best in Theatre

The annual celebration of the Association of Critics and Writers of Iranian Theatre Forum honored theatre director, writer and actor Farhad Ayish, on Thursday (August 20) at Eivan-e-Shams Hall in Tehran.

Ayish who was venerated for a lifetime of artistic works received his prize from the veteran actor, Naser Malek-Motiee, at the 14th edition of the event, ISNA reported

Explaining artistic creativity, Ayish said, “The solitude of the human being leads him to create art; in fact man tries to escape his ‘eternal loneliness’ by getting involved in art”.

Born in Tehran, Ayish, 63, studied directing and photography in the UK and the US. He directed and acted in a number of plays and films in English and Persian in Iran and abroad.

“I feel invigorated tonight as I see that old and new faces are still keenly working to improve national theatre,” Malek-Motiee said.

Born in Tehran, Malek-Motiee, 85, has starred in numerous cinema and television shows. He was a popular star of Iranian cinema in the 1950s and 1960s, when he acted in over 50 movies.

He made his debut in cinema at 19. After seven years of acting in different movies and establishing himself, he started performing in plays.

He returned to cinema after a 30-year hiatus, with ‘Negar’s Role’ directed by Ali Atshani, which is due for release soon.

 Comedy & Humor

Another veteran actor Nosratolah Vahdat, 90, said, “I have always wanted to laugh and make others laugh as I believe comedy, and satire and humor are the most popular forms of art”.

He said he never felt tired of acting in movies, and even now after 60 years in the field, “I am still eager to go on stage.”

Born in Isfahan, Vahdat is a comedian, actor, and director and his professional resume includes over 40 films in which he has either directed or acted. He has also appeared in three plays abroad.

His 1946 movie ‘Foreign Bride’ was the first Iranian film to win an award abroad and he donated the Golden Dolphin prize to the Cinema Museum in Tehran.

Mainly recognized for his cinematic works, he started his career, performing in plays when he was 18. He is known as one of the founders of theater in Isfahan.

Still living in Isfahan, Vahdat is now busy writing his biography.

At the end of the ceremony the best of theatre in different categories in the last Iranian year (March 21, 2014-March 20, 2015) were awarded.

The comedy show ‘Khandevaneh’ was selected the best TV program of the year. Rambod Javan, producer and host of the show, received a commendation plaque. Javan was appreciated for promoting theatre and using theatre artists in his program.

Three top plays and theatre groups, the best radio program, the best theatre critic and the best research book of the year were also awarded.

Actors Masoud Rayegan, Maedeh Tahmasbi, Sorush Sehat, musician Mohamad Sarir and voice-over actor Mohamad Bahrani were also present.