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Islamic Era Museum to Open

Islamic Era Museum to Open
Islamic Era Museum to Open

The Museum of the Islamic Era, a part of the National Museum complex, will be inaugurated on August 24.

An additional funding of $1.2 million was allocated for completion of the project and the museum will be opened during the National Government Week, observed in the last week of August.

Project technical manager Behnam Rezai said the museum is ready for visitors. “In addition to the original funding, $1.2 million more was expended for its completion.”

Due to the high number of artifacts and activity at the museum, a decision was taken to expand the museum complex, and rearrange the display of objects, Mehr New Agency reports.

The construction of the new wing was completed after two months of non-stop work, Rezai said.

“No drastic change had been made to the interior of the new extension. The style and architectural design of museums is preserved.” The museum is on 30 Tir Ave, Imam Khomeini Ave, Tehran.

  Museum Complex

The National or Archaeological Museum of Iran comprises two buildings. One showcases pre-Islamic works and the other exhibits post-Islamic works. The latter was inaugurated in 1996 and comprises three floors. The first floor has the temporary exhibition hall. Works and objects of Islamic culture, and Islamic art are displayed on the second and third floors.

The objects selected for this large museum, are mostly from excavations in the country or from prominent collections. Instruments related to architecture of historical buildings are also on display.

The museum complex includes the Qur’an museum and has sections in manuscripts, paintings and calligraphy, astronomy equipment, glass works and medical instruments, lighting equipment, fastening tools and colored objects, hall of clay and ceramics.

The second building which houses the Museum of the Islamic Era was built on the grassy grounds of the museum complex.