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Unusual Mildew Artworks

Unusual Mildew ArtworksUnusual Mildew Artworks

An exhibition of mildew artworks by Hamed Jaberha is on display at Shirin Art Gallery in Tehran till September 2.

‘Decay: To Become’ is an installation by the young Iranian artist, different from the usual artistic works, Honaronline reported.

Showcasing 25 pictures and 30 objects in his second solo exhibition, Jaberha brings the chemical process of mold formation into focus and draws attention to a cycle in life which has not been dealt with in art before.

The images and objects show mysterious fungi on fruits, grains and foods and hyphae on bread and bananas.

“I have farmed most of them to have a chance to observe them. In some of the images they might look a bit abstract, yet they are big pieces of the routine bread and yogurt,” Jaberha said. “I have kept them in vacuum and under a transparent gelatin surface, to capture a second of their tendency ‘to become’ and ‘to change’.”

In a statement on his installation, the artist writes: “Decay is the negation of life, a get away from the status quo. It is a change from one state to another and destroys that which does not tolerate a situation”.

Various types of fungi give a slimy and colorful surface to salty and sweet food with their microorganisms, thus making food sour, bitter and smelly that can make one sick.

“It is the physics of transformation, from one kind, form and life to another,” he said.

Jaberha believes that the process of change that transforms into something else exists in one’s actions and thoughts as well. It is the source of creativity. “Hence all creativity is the explosion of action and reaction, the vortex of power.”

“Mildew touches and reaches out towards you and your belongings everyday and every second. It is your turn to touch them back now,” he noted.

Enthusiasts can visit the gallery at No. 5, 13th Alley, Sanai St., Karimkhan-Zand St.