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Self-Taught Septuagenarian Showcases Paintings

Self-Taught Septuagenarian Showcases PaintingsSelf-Taught Septuagenarian Showcases Paintings

A paintings exhibition by 78-year-old self-taught painter Monavar Ramezani, who uses the pseudonym ‘Naneh (mother) Hassan’, is on display at Shirin Art Gallery in Tehran.

The elderly woman started painting seven years ago and this is her fourth solo exhibition which includes 34 artworks, ISNA reported.

Four years ago, her son Hassan Rajabi, decided to showcase his mother’s works publicly. The first exhibition was held at the Iranian Artists’ Forum in Tehran in 2013, and was followed by exhibitions at Seyhoun Gallery in Tehran and Los Angeles.

Born in Sohrevard town of Zanjan Province, Iran, Ramezani learned poems, stories, proverbs and elegies from her mother and brothers as a child.

The subjects of her paintings are rooted in folk tales told to her as a child. “I knew many tales, but I’ve forgotten some now because of my age. I use whatever I remember from the stories in my paintings,” she said.

As she grew up, she learnt to weave rugs and saddlebags and to make pottery from her aunts. The forms in her paintings are similar to what she uses in her weave.

  Natural Colors

“I use natural colors from different plants for my rugs like pumpkin flower (straw yellow) and walnut shells (black). I try to use the same colors for my paintings too,” she said.

A non-stop worker, she says she can’t sit idle even for a moment.

“I must do something every time,” she said. “Throughout my life, besides weaving rugs, I have been involved in tasks such as cattle raising, needlework and other kinds of weaving for the family. Now, I’ve been prohibited from weaving rugs due to my age, so I spend my leisure time painting.”

She says painting helps her to relax and prevent her from thinking of things which make her feel sad.

The event runs through September 2 at No. 5, 13th St., Sanaei St.  Karimkhan-Zand Ave.