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Play-Reading to Raise Funds for Cancer

Play-Reading to Raise Funds for CancerPlay-Reading to Raise Funds for Cancer

A play reading session organized by Roohollah Jafari, manager of Giti theatre group is underway at City Theatre Hall.

Hosting over 150 artists, the week-long event is to raise funds for artists afflicted with cancer, Honaronline reported.

Many artists have succumbed to cancer or are afflicted with it, said Jafari at a press conference. “So the group decided to start the charity movement to help the needy.”

Majid Bahrami (1977-2014), Mostafa Abdollahi (1955-2015) and Bahram Reihani (1978-2014) were among several artists who were unable to afford treatment and medicine for the deadly disease.

He said theatre actors are deprived of job security, insurance coverage and other basic facilities, turning their life stories to tragedies. “The loss of veteran artists raised the idea of holding such sessions to support the needy.”

The event will run through August 24.