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Pencils Turned Into Miniature Sculptures

Pencils Turned Into Miniature SculpturesPencils Turned Into Miniature Sculptures

Miniature Russian artist Salavat Fidai, 42, has been making a big impression online with his intricate pencil carvings.

Using a craft knife and a magnifying glass to carve sculpture, one pencil takes him between 6 and 12 hours to complete, while more sophisticated models can take up to two days, reported.

“I made my first graphite sculptures just earlier this year. I carved well-known characters: Darth Vader, from the Star Wars series, and Batman.

“I also make micro copies of famous paintings on pumpkin seeds, sunflower and rice. But most of all I like to work with pencils,” he said.

For him it is like meditation and a challenge: to make a micro sculpture and not break it! “It is indeed very fragile and tiny and that excites me the most.

Nowadays there are many artisans who carve pencils. But for Fidai it is still a great art. “I try to bring each of my sculpture to perfection,” he said.