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Women’s Social Status on Canvas

Women’s Social Status on CanvasWomen’s Social Status on Canvas

Artist Mohsen Kiani’s paintings exhibition ‘Ahoorani’ showcases 27 works on “a comparison of women’s social status, past and present,” at Vista Art Gallery.

The oil paintings portray a modern style while maintaining traditional Iranian art form to create unique works of art, Honaronline reports.

In ancient Iranian mythology, ‘Ahoorani’ is the female guardian of rain and water.  “I chose this title to show the supreme status of women in Iranian mythology,” Kiani said.  The collection compares the past and present status of women, and “reminds us of their glory in ancient Persian culture.”

Kiani has combined modern and mythic Iranian painting style with a touch of ‘naqqali’(dramatic story-telling) and coffee shop painting methods to create a unique blend. The traditional colors used in his works prove that he is not interested in western abstract art styles. “I mean to go back to my native roots.”

The collection also includes the atmosphere of traditional music, through form and color. Women and water bowls are elements frequently seen in his artworks.

Kiani, 45, holds a master’s degree in painting. He also has a doctoral degree in architecture. The current show is his fourth solo exhibition in Iran.

‘Ahoorani’ will run through August 31.