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First Sports Lab in Tehran

First Sports Lab in TehranFirst Sports Lab in Tehran

The first sports laboratory in the country opened on Sunday (Aug. 16) at Tehran’s Azadi Stadium Complex in the presence of Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs Mahmoud Goudarzi.

The 350 sq m lab was set up following an agreement between the Iran Development and Maintenance of Sports Facilities and Standards Organization in March 2015.

Over 90% of the laboratory equipment, worth more than $625,000, was produced locally, reports IRNA.

The sports lab will provide resources for developing testing methods, new equipment and new innovative techniques. It will develop and build a variety of test kits for both field and laboratory analysis; quality control of stadium seats, artificial grass, sports equipment and sportswear, sport facilities and indoor and outdoor field testing, will be carried out at the lab, to ensure that the quality criteria set by the Standards Organization are met.

The long-term objective of the lab is to be accredited to international sports organizations and associations (like FIFA and FIVB), create comprehensive database as well as publish books in the field in collaboration with universities.