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Paper Carpets with Thousands of Strips

Paper Carpets with Thousands of StripsPaper Carpets with Thousands of Strips

Young Indian artist Gunjan Aylawadi makes stunning paper carpet installations.

The artworks were inspired by her desire to do something new with a simple material like paper, reported.

The unique technique involves hand cutting thousands of strips of paper and twisting them tightly around a thin wire to get paper curls.

“I then glue them onto hand drawn patterns to make these works,” said Aylawadi. The paper curls blend into one another and a sophisticated paper tapestry emerges from thousands of these connections.

The technique is physically demanding but meditative and adds a layer of texture and visual interest to the works.

The works are detailed and reward close attention. “My aim for myself and everyone else is to perform the difficult act of slowing down, both in making and consuming and really appreciate the beauty in small details,” she said.

Aylawadi, currently based in Sydney, Australia, has attended several exhibitions and festivals in Australia.