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Award Winner Zaker Commended

Award Winner Zaker CommendedAward Winner Zaker Commended

Young Iranian graphic designer, Taha Zaker, who received the gold award at the Graphis Poster Annual 2016, was commended by the son of German Musician Stockhausen.

Receiving his father’s poster, designed by Zaker, at Stockhausen Foundation, Markus said in a note on the poster: “I never thought even acclaimed musicians could perceive my father’s works, let alone an Iranian poster designer!” Zaker has a good command on concepts of Stockhausen’s compositions, he said.

Zaker’s ‘Contemporary Musicians’ poster series bagged the gold at the largest and most extraordinary of the Graphis competitions, ISNA reports.

His collection includes over 40 posters of celebrated contemporary musicians of 20th century or those who influenced the music of that era, among which, six posters on French Claude Debussy, Austrians Gustav Mahler, Anton Webern and Alban Berg, Hungarian Béla Bartok, and German Karlheinz Stockhausen, were selected at the competition.

Zaker took three years to complete the collection and expressed hope that he would be able to hold an exhibition to feature his series.

Based in New York, Graphis is an international publisher of journals on communication design that annually invites professional graphic designers for inclusion in their books. In 1966, the Graphis Photo Annual was introduced, followed in 1973 by the Graphis Poster Annual.

Zaker, 28, is a graduate of graphic design. He is art director and graphic designer at Tehran Studio. He designed the poster of the 33rd Fajr International Film Festival and several other movies such as ‘I Am Not Angry’, ‘Rainy Day’, and ‘Parviz’.