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IAF Expands Activities

IAF Expands ActivitiesIAF Expands Activities

Iranian Artists’ Forum (IAF) opened its second building in Tehran on Sunday (August 16) in a bid to expand its cultural-artistic activities.

The new premises located close to the main Art Garden building, is a step forward in the national art scene that “can help enhance the spirit of encouragement and motivation in art and cultural issues in the present times,” said a press release by the IAF public relations office.

The project to open a new venue started four years ago and with the assistance of Tehran Municipality, the second building located on Noshahr St., Kheradmand St., Karimkhan Ave. was opened, said forum president Majid Sarsangi.

Well-known artists including veteran composer Mohammad Sarir, veteran calligrapher Gholam-Hossein Amirkhani, photographer Seifollah Samadian and traditional singer Hamidreza Nurbakhsh were present.

“The forum is constantly facing new demands in art and cultural fields. With the passage of time, as its activities increased, it also saw a boost in the audiences. Therefore, the need for bigger space to accommodate more people and programs was felt and the new 6-storey building is just what we required,” he noted.

Sarsangi said theater performances, art exhibitions, concerts and conferences will continue to be held at the old building, and the new premises will be mainly used as a venue for art associations.

Administrative section of the forum is to be moved to the new location so that the main building has more space for art and cultural activities.  

Sarsangi hoped that other cities would also have an art forum to facilitate artists outside Tehran.

Founded in 1998, the IAF is a cultural and artistic hub in central Tehran.