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Exhibition of Seljuks at Istanbul Museum

Exhibition of Seljuks at Istanbul MuseumExhibition of Seljuks at Istanbul Museum

A major exhibition on the Seljuks with 227 works at the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts sheds light on an empire that ruled much of Central Asia and Anatolia for 300 years.

With its diverse history extending over 300 years, the Seljuk Empire, which originally emerged in Central Asia, is the subject of an extensive exhibition ‘The Witnesses of 100 Years: Seljuks,’ at the newly renovated museum in Istanbul.

Taken from numerous museums and institutions, 227 Seljuk-era works are shown in 14 categories, IQNA reported.

Rare manuscripts as well as the three biggest works of Sufism including Rumi’s ‘Masnavi’, Ibn Arabi’s ‘Conquest of Mecca’ and ‘The Bezels of Wisdom’ are on display.

In each section, aficionados of Islamic art can watch cinevision shows screening important incidents from Seljuk history. Visitors hear the call for prayer when they enter a special section displaying some rare examples of the Qur’an. From education to arts and architecture to trade, the exhibition examines the Seljuks’ cultural knowledge in depth.

The exhibition will run until September 30.