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Now ‘Wish Kiosk’ to Express Wants

Now ‘Wish Kiosk’  to Express WantsNow ‘Wish Kiosk’  to Express Wants

The second phase of an art project by artist Mehran Rad ‘Co-Experience’ will provide a platform for people to express their wishes in a bid to inspire public participation, bring different strata of society closer and enable them to be heard.

Titled ‘Wish Kiosk’, the project involves a phone booth in which instead of a public phone there is a tablet, Honaronline reported.

“Participants can use the application installed on the tablet to record a 15-second video expressing their wishes and send it to our Instagram feed at ‘co.experience’,” Rad said.

The project will be inaugurated at Sam Café in northern Tehran. After 20 days it will exit the café to go to other parts of the city. “We would like to continue the project as long as possible and get people from all districts of Tehran as well as other cities to make their wishes known in our kiosk,” Rad noted.

However, he explained that to implement the project, municipalities should cooperate so that “we can place the phone booth in public places.”

Saying “there is no limit for the types of wishes,” Rad said they should, however, be expressed within the boundaries of religious, cultural and ethnic values.

Earlier this year, in the first phase of the project ‘Wish Lanterns’ containing peace and friendship messages were sent to cafés in Iran and Turkey.

Lighting café tables, the lanterns each with a poetic message about peace were aimed “to enhance sympathy and understanding among people sitting in cafés.”

The addressees were invited to send their messages of peace to the project team, by uploading 15-second video messages in the Instagram page of the project.

Similar to the first phase, the starting point of ‘Wish Kiosk’ will be at a café too, but this time it will not be confined to cafes and will travel throughout the city, to parks and garden museums for instance.