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Tara Gallery in US Showcases Iranian Art

Tara Gallery in US Showcases Iranian ArtTara Gallery in US Showcases Iranian Art

Tara Gallery in Los Angeles has showcased artworks of Iranian contemporary artist Mahvash Joorabchi.

Five paintings by Joorabchi are on display at the American international art gallery, Honaronline reported.

Similar to her previous works, the oil paintings are on the subject of nature, depicting different seasons and sceneries.

“Trees seem to me to be the symbol of life, consistency, and an undemanding love,” Joorabchi says on her style. “I’m mostly concerned about the trunk of the tree rather than its leaves. Leaves to me portray the colorful yet fading aspects of life, while the trunks give me the strength to carry on with life”.

Born in Tehran, Joorabchi, 65, holds a BA in English Literature. She started painting when she was 30 and has held several solo and group exhibitions so far in Iran and the US. She is a member of the Society of Iranian Painters as well.

Tara Gallery is the home of the most fascinating artworks, primarily from Iran. It is a platform for The American Foundation for Contemporary Iranian Art (AFCIA) to showcase and support its mission. Established in 2003, AFCIA is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting and supporting contemporary Iranian art in the US.

Homa Taraji is the director of Tara Gallery and a co-founder of AFCIA. She has been a curator of Iranian art exhibits in the US since 2002. Taraji has long-term relations and access to Iranian art administrators and auctioneers, galleries, and a broad range of artists.