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Scepticism and Distrust in ‘Room 498’

Scepticism and Distrust in ‘Room 498’Scepticism and Distrust in ‘Room 498’

The play ‘Room 498’ by theatre director and playwright Kamyar Salehpur is underway at Hafez Theatre Hall.

It is adapted from the story written by Alireza Ajali with the same name, Honaronline reported.

The plot revolves around a man and his wife trapped in a room. They start a conversation with an unknown voice. The voice asks them a question and says it will set them free if they give the correct answer. If not, they will disappear together with the room.

“The main framework of the story is on doubting minds. People create doubts based on their pessimistic attitude; finally they merge with their self-created world of doubts,” Salehpur said.

The show depicts abstract and mental attitudes of the characters, displaying “fluidity between the present moment and past and unusual gestures that symbolize internal expressions.”

He said Iranian theatre lacks experience “in physical and motion theatre shows.”

As a young director, “my show moves away from classic dialogue to pictures, colors, physical movement and an active stage,” Salehpur said.

The play will run through August 26.