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Realistic Drama ‘Manishka’ on Stage

Realistic Drama ‘Manishka’ on StageRealistic Drama ‘Manishka’ on Stage

A realistic drama ‘Manishka’ directed by Shahab Malekpur, is underway at 3dots theatre in Tehran.

Written by Shahram Abolghasemi, the story portrays an emotional relationship between a couple, damaged during four years of vicissitude. The couple finally meets at the house of the male character Shayan’s grandmother, to decide their future. The positive and negative emotional interaction between the couple is the focus of the play, Mehr News Agency reports.

The story is ‘open-ended’ and the audience can guess how it concluded, said Malekpur. “Due to the tragic events in Shayan’s life, he is in low spirit, making the story realistic.”

The text is affected by literary works of Ahmad Shamloo, celebrated Persian poet. Influential in modern poetry of Iran, he wrote complex, yet imaginary poetry and used unique expressions such as the suffix ‘-ishka’, for endearment. As in ‘Aeishka’ to endear a female character ‘Aida’ in one of his poems.

On the title of the play, Malekpur said: “The female character, Mina, is called ‘Mani’ in the story. Under Shamloo’s influence, ‘Manishka’ is an endearing reference to Mina.”

Based on a real story in 1998, the play has been staged several times earlier.

The cast includes Hamidreza Noghrehdoost and Shafagh Khani. The play will run through August 25.