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Cinema, Music Stars in Charity Match

Cinema, Music Stars  in Charity MatchCinema, Music Stars  in Charity Match

A football game for charity was organized by Malaek charity group and cinema and music stars at Hengam sports center, on August 7.

Earlier at a press conference, manager of Cinema and Music Stars’ Club Hooman Javadi, composer Babak Zarrin, and manager of Malaek Charity Institute Akbar Karimi, said the proceeds of the football match would be given to the charity.

Established in 2009, the charity hosts over 20 children. Their essential needs in food, clothing and education, are being met, said Karimi, pointing out that the children were exposed to social harm and need “our financial and emotional support.”

Javadi said the team’s objective is to “increase friendship,” and to meet the higher goal of helping the needy.  The stars’ presence in the charity game was a payback to the fans and “we are glad to have a share in the event.”

The Cinema and Music Stars’ Club, founded in 2012, is composed of Iranian vocalists and actors. Several acclaimed football players are also included as honorary members to support artists in charitable gestures.

Singers Hooman Javadi, Ali Lohrasbi and Aria Jahan-Mirzai, actors Farhad Jam, Majid Yaser, Siavash Mofidi, Shahab Abbasi and Ramin Rastad and football players Mohammadreza Mehranpur and Nima Nakisa were among the players in the match.

The event also saw a music performance by young vocalists.