Radiocarbon Dating of Earliest Qur’an Manuscript Reliable
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Radiocarbon Dating of Earliest Qur’an Manuscript Reliable

A scholar at the London University of Islamic Sciences said the radiocarbon analysis of the ‘Birmingham Qur’an Manuscript’ carried out by the University of Oxford is scientifically reliable.

Ali Ramadan al-Awsi told IQNA that doubts raised by some scholars about the date attributed to the copy are not based on scientific evidence.

Last month, fragments of a Qur’an copy were found in the University of Birmingham in Britain. According to the radiocarbon analysis, the parchment on which the text is written dates back to the period between 568 and 645, close to the time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Al-Awsi said the date attributed to the copy doesn’t seem to be exaggerated.

The Iraqi-born scholar said the discovery of the copy is yet another proof against claims by some biased orientalists about the divine revelations of Qur’anic holy verses to the Prophet.

He underlined that the parchment proves the Qur’an was compiled during the time of the prophet.

“I think this is yet another proof that the Qur’an has reached us intact the way it was preached at the time of the prophet and the way it was complied. Probably, this is the oldest text of the Qur’an found till now and is exactly the same as the holy text that we read today,” he said.


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