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‘Writer’s Guide’ to Children’s Books

‘Writer’s Guide’ to Children’s Books‘Writer’s Guide’ to Children’s Books

A 10-volume book collection ‘Writer’s Guide’ translated under the supervision of Mohsen Soleimani, author, translator and researcher, will soon be published by Soore Mehr publishing house.

The last volume of the series, American Elaine Marie Alphin’s ‘Creating Characters Kids Will Love’, was recently translated by Fahimeh Semsar, ending the six-year long process, Mehr News Agency reported.

The book explains how characters, more than any other element, draw kids to story and keep them “hooked from the beginning to end.”

To successfully write books that children read and will treasure, writers need to discover what makes a kid want to curl up with a book in the first place. Kids prefer story heroes to be in their age group. Therefore, the collection equips authors with techniques of creating characters loved by children.

The series includes two translations by Semsar, including ‘Write Great Fiction: Dialogue’ by Gloria Kempton and American Elaine Marie Alphin’s ‘Creating Characters Kids Will Love’.

The original books were selected from among 100 English books by Soleimani, the project director. He was also in charge of selecting translators, comparative analysis of the original texts with the translations, scientific and linguistic edition and preparing glossaries and cover designing.