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Traditional Ritual Theatre Enriching

Traditional Ritual Theatre EnrichingTraditional Ritual Theatre Enriching

The poster of the 17th Tehran International Traditional Ritual Theatre Festival was recently unveiled by Ali Nasirian, film and theater actor and festival coordinator.

Over 20 plays and story-telling programs will be performed at the weeklong event, starting on August 26, Honaronline reported.

Ancient Iranian dramatic story-telling (Naqqali) represents the rich history of the country’s literature and “an opportunity for the people to know Persian literary masterpieces by celebrated poets Mawlana, Nezami and Ferdowsi,” said Nasirian.

 Culture and art have a special place and every nation tries to preserve its ancient heritage, “as we can see in Kabuki, a classical Japanese dance-drama, which is still being performed in traditional style and hailed by viewers.”

Nasirian described the status of cultural issues as significant and hoped “such activities will extend and develop the already rich Iranian culture.” There are many young talented people who are interested in art and culture, he said, noting that they should be provided with appropriate training and support for their ideas to flourish.

Art deputy at the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance Ali Moradkhani who was present, said: “We are planning to allocate specific venues for the festival. A doll house established for puppet shows for last year’s edition is one such venue.” He expressed hope that cultural programs will be performed regularly.

Moradkhani emphasized the high potential of traditional theatre and said such shows can play an influential role in touristic attraction. “Ritual and traditional shows can promote and develop domestic tourism,” he added. The festival will run through September 1.