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Retrospective of Taraghijah’s Art

Retrospective of Taraghijah’s ArtRetrospective of Taraghijah’s Art

A painting collection by the late veteran artist Mohammad Ali Taraghijah, is on display at Shokouh Art Gallery in Tehran.

A total of 60 works reflect the naturalistic style of the artist. “Strong colors, nostalgia, rural elements and nature are characteristics of the artworks,” Honaronline reports.

Exhibition curator and young artist Behnoosh Forootan, said the artworks were gathered from credible collectors, and belong to different periods of creation. The show is a retrospective of the late artist’s work.

“Taraghijah created a unique style. While local elements were mostly used in his paintings, they had universal appeal,” Forootan noted.  The work features concepts of identity, reconcilation with nature and the environment, a reason why his art was internationally acclaimed.

Other common features in Taraghijah’s art, described as “one of his most important objectives” are peace and serenity. The late artist said: “It’s my ultimate wish that people live in peace, disregarding different cultures, religions and other discriminating factors.”

His works reflect not only his creativity in painting but are also an expression of his inner concerns.

The collection is on show until August 21 at the gallery in Farmanieh.

Taraghijah (1943-2010), graduated as a mechanical engineer from the College of Science and Technology. However, he was an artist at heart and went on to become one of the most distinguished figures of Iranian contemporary art.

He won the golden award at the Iran National Art Competition in 1968.

His works have been exhibited in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France, the United States and Japan. The International Museum of 20th Century Arts (TIMOTCA) selected his paintings to represent Iranian art.

In 1994, the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts chose some of his paintings for the museum collection and printed a collection of the works. In 1998, UNICEF selected two of Taraghijah’s paintings for Christmas cards.

His last solo exhibition was in Geneva (2010). Upon his return to Iran he passed away, at 67 years of age.