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Yazdi Author Breaks Record

Yazdi Author Breaks RecordYazdi Author Breaks Record

Noted author Hossein Maserat from Yazd holds the record for the highest number of publications per year.

A total of 20 book titles by Maserat, have either been published in the current Iranian year (started March 21) or are due for printing by the year end (March 20, 2016), making him the top writer in the country, Mehr News Agency reported.

Since the beginning of the year, Maserat, eminent researcher from Yazd Province, central Iran, has published books on various topics, from biography and bibliography to poetry and architecture. Many more books on famous literary figures of Iran have also been penned by him and are due to be published.

He is a contemporary of well-known literary figures, the late Mehdi Azar-Yazdi and the late Iraj Afshar. On both he has penned books. Maserat’s book ‘Azar-Yazdi, a Book Buff’ was recently unveiled on the death anniversary of the late author.

Azar-Yazdi (1921-2009), was a noted author of children’s books who adapted from classical Persian literature and rewrote them for children in an easy-to-understand style. His most famous work ‘Good Stories for Good Children’ won the UNESCO Prize in 1966 and was regarded as the best book of the year in 1967.

Maserat has also written ‘Master Iraj Afshar,’ yet to be published.

Afshar (1925-2011), was a bibliographer, historian, and an iconic figure in the field of Persian studies. He was a consulting editor of Encyclopedia Iranica at Columbia University, a full professor emeritus of University of Tehran and the chief bibliographer of Persian books at Harvard University. Afshar was associated with UNESCO and taught at the University of Bern and University of Tehran.

Maserat, 55, has also written his own biography under the title ‘Hossein Maserat’s 30-Year Resume’ which will be released in the coming months.